New to animation, this my first folding/ roller door type thing, but needs to be smoother?

Hi All,
This is my folding door.( please see the attached file)
I like to improve on the animation so when each section meets the next, rather then pause at each section, it’s one smooth action, so looks like when a section meets the next it pushes it along without stop and this happen until all sections are folded back.
There should be a pause at this point for short while to let a figure walk through the door way then it should close in the same smooth action.
I did manually keyframe the pauses, because if I didn’t ,the section a head of the one currently moving,would start moving before the previous lined up with it and at a different speed.

Sorry if i’ve not explained this well, still getting to grips with the terminolgy and the whole key frame thing.

Any help would be great.

Many Thanks

You should open a graph editor and look at your f-curves:

I’m at one of these sort of pauses. Notice the slopes of the curves here: the slopes correspond roughly to velocity. You have a pause here because the slopes change to 0 (horizontal) when they hit this spot.

You can adjust these. One simple thing to do is to just change all of these handles to be vector handles (select keyframes, v->vector.) That will get rid of the pause, but it may create a discontinuity you find unappealing.

Another option is to adjust these handles manually, perhaps by rotating about individual origins, to more accurately represent the slope between the adjoining keyframes. This will keep velocity more continuous, but I think you’ll have to eyeball it. (It seems like there should be an “aligned vector” but if there is, I can’t figure it out.)

Wow, Thank you for the davice, that’s going to be steep learning curve for me!! no pun intended
But I think I get what you mean