New to Animation

I’m a videographer, not an animator. The kind of animation I’m familiar with was done with a 16mm Bolex, Mitchell or Kodak Cine Special, frame clicking all day long. My needs right now are very simple. and I’ll probably never use the program again when I’m done with this project. I’m recreating an old local TV station horror show open from the early 70’s, the audio track is all that still exists. It was called Out of This World and it aired on WCIV TV in Charleston, SC from around 1962-1975, airing old B grade horror and sci fi movies on Saturday nights, the open was updated around 1970 and the shot I’m trying to recreate was an animation of a humorous movie poster from the Hammer film, Dracula Has Risen From the Grave. The poster showed the lovely near bare neck and cleavage of Veronica Carlson with vampire bites covered by band aids. The shot was cropped (it had to be since the poster was vertically composed) with a slow zoom in to the band aids with animated blood drops oozing from the bites. The shot follows the drops as they fall toward her ample cleavage.

I have downloaded Blender and am starting to look at the tutorials, yet they all seem way too advanced for something as simple as what I describe above. Can someone offer me some suggestions?