New to blender 2.8

so i am new to blender and it is an awesome tool, very much to learn though. i am in the baby steps and i created a few cubes by duplicating, i placed them in the sky to fall down on my plane that is passive. I just want to see how this look rendered as an actual video. Having trouble doing so although i do see he Render Animation option on the top toolbar.


Hi, and welcome.

Can you give more details? Where exactly do you hang? Normally you need to make sure the settings in the Output tab under '‘Dimensions’ and ‘Output’ are sane, then ‘Render Animation’ should work. Somethink like this:

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anything i have to do with the camera like moving it or anything, i will try your inout, greatly appreciated it!

Also, wanted to ask, i find importing dae files like vehicles MUUUUUCCCH easier and convienent than making my own, when i do these, i see in the settings of the site it says rigged - no, animation - no, so i have to mess with the settings to make it move and all?

My objective right now, is to make a car move from point a to point b and then change color when it gets to point b.

Okay. That are actually a few different questions, and not answered in one or two sentences. I would suggest you watch a couple of tutorials on animation and materials, so things become clearer.

One remark about animation, though. The easiest way to get something moving/changing between frames is to use keyframing. You can keyframe almost any parameter you can set in the UI. If you e.g. want to move something you can use the values in the Transform tab of the sidebar.

  • Select a frame in the timeline
  • Move the object/camera where it should be at that time
  • Right click on the transform value to animate
  • Choose ‘Insert Keyframe(s)’
  • Repeat the process for other frames

Then you can play/render the animation and the values will be interpolated between the frames you have set keyframes for.

Changing color works equivalently. You can keyframe colors in materials as well.

got it thanks, lastly, what is your opinion on dae, obj etc objects and importing, i find it to be a great convenience unless you want your animation to ‘truly’ be yours, i get that.

I never tried that, so cannot say. Indeed are creating your own anims completely in Blender a lot of work, so if you have a method that makes it easier, why not.

I think there can be limitations if its not native… Of course if your going to sell something there may be licensing issues.