New to Blender and new here

I am no artist but I recently found Blender and have really enjoyed learning it lately. I am currently reading through a couple of books such as “Blender: Noob to Pro” & “Intro to Character Animation”

I have started a project with some of the skills I have learned from reading. I would like some tips on rigging my character project as I would like to toss him in Unity at some point and run around on screen.

This is Alpha

This is the Rig I have started for him.

I understand the idea behind it I think, but I have read different things on the subject and they are a little confusing. What I have been doing is while in object mode, parenting the rig to the mesh with automatic weights. Then I go and assign all my vertex groups in mesh edit mode and from there I can move around in pose mode. I have no idea what weight painting is, nor do I have a firm grasp of IK constraints.

EDIT: <-- Blend file (for those who would look at it)

If anyone cares to let me know if I am on the right track with rigging this character for animations I would be grateful.

Thanks for reading/helping.

To upload files you use Manage Attachements. There is a limit to file size, which might prevent you from uploading your blend file here. However, people use other web services to post blend files. Check the modeling or work in progress forums, you’ll see where people generally post their blend files.

Weight painting lets you adjust the influence particular bones have on the mesh. For example, automatic weights probably allow rotating your neck bone to rotate some of the head mesh. You may not want that, with your character, the head looks hard, so it should all rotate as one single thing. Weight painting will allow you to remove the neck bone’s influence on the head part of the mesh, and to control the head mesh 100% with the head bone alone.

IK (Inverse Kinematics) lets you move, say, the foot, and have all the leg bones it is attached to follow along. Also allows you to plant the foot, and have it stay in place when the rest of the body moves, with the leg bones automatically adjusting their positions so the foot stays where you put it.

Welcome to BlenderArtists

Welcome MMoon :slight_smile: In case you haven’t seen the Blender Basics link at the top of the screen or “getting started in Blender?” I’d highly recommend it as a great starting point. The guys at are producing some of the highest quality and most comprehensive tutorials out there!

Regarding uploading your blend files, you can use, select the blender icon as upload type, then link to it in your post.

Thank you Comeinandburn, I have watched some blendercookie tutorials and they have been helpful! I appreciate the site as well!