New to Blender - Camera Control

I’m new to Blender and started with 2.8. I’m getting a little frustrated with camera controls as the keyboard shortcuts don’t seem to be working, specifically ‘Move active camera to view’. I’ve tried on my MBP keyboard, and two external keyboards so I don’t think it’s a hardware issue. With the camera I want selected, I press: Ctrl-Alt-Numpad0, and it’s as if i’ve only pressed Numpad0. It switches to active camera view, with no change to it’s position.

No other keyboard shortcut combination seems to make any difference either, is it something that I need to select or do differently?


Try make the camera first as active with CRTL + 0

Ahh I see! I kept worrying about accidentally adjusting the position of the camera, but it doesn’t move unless you have ‘lock camera to view’ on! Thanks alot!