New to Blender, can you Lock in to a selection ?

Hello everyone, I am a bit nervous using blender. I went to University 3 years ago on a games art course which used only 3DS Max and so I am used to the ways of how to do things in Max. However I really want to try and get into blender, A.) Because its free and B.) It seems to have a really great community and loads of resources.

I installed it last night and basically I have been watching some Videos online showing different elements of the UI. I must admit I am a little worried there seems to be so much and it looks quite complicated. But I still want to go for it and try to learn this.

One thing I am struggling with at the moment is finding out how to lock onto a selection in a view port. In max you press X and the view will lock onto whatever it is you have selected be it an object or a vert etc. Is there a way to do this in blender? I find myself having to zoom in and out and pan around a lot.

Thanks for your time guys !

One last thing, if anyone knows of any tutorials for the latest version that you would recommend for someone who has never used blender before please do share !

Rotate around selection in user preferences -> interface. Lock to object on properties region (N), hotkey shift+numpad_period, alt+numpad_period to clear.

In Edit Mode, the period, or decimal point, on the numpad will zoom to the current selection.
You may find the options below useful, too:

EDIT, ha ha JA12 answered u while I was making my pretty picture :slight_smile:

Thanks guys but I don’t really understand that, I selected those options like you mentioned and saved them but it hasn’t changed anything (I don’t have a number pad)

I just realised though when you start blender there is a 3DS Max preset which I have chosen and now if I press Z I get exactly what I was after.