New to Blender, couple of quick questions!

Hi all,
Just started using Blender and create one 3D Text image from a Youtube tutorial that turned out great. Other than that Ive never used an art package before, so a couple of things got me stumped already.

  1. Once ive rendered an image, like I have done, and saved the pic and a .blend file, how do I go back in and say change the text colour specifically if I think it might look better as say yellow text instead of red?

When ive saved a .blend file, if I reopen blender and reopen it, the screen changes to a grid like screen from the original opening blender screen, but my image I create doesnt appear until I hit render again, is this normal?




Well - rendering an image means you can not change the geometry afterwards, without re-rendering the image. Quitting and re-opening blender makes the rendered image disappear if you dont save it.
However, changing the color is possible in some way speaking of post-processing, especially color-grading. This is a bit like photoshop, it might be confusing at first sight but is really powerful.

I guess this tutorial done by Andrew Price could be helpful:

Cheers :wink: