New to blender. do i need installed Phyton ?

hey guys
im new in blender. im noob…
Blender is so amazing,its features keep up with other commercial 3d software (which is im getting piss-off to learn their user interace). but blender… stright forward…it’s cool…
my first problem is after i execute blender in WinXP SP2, i got command line window open. it says …

Compiled with Phyton version 2.4.
‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback
Checking for installed Phyton… No installed Phyton found.
Only built-in modules are available. Some script mays not run.
Continuing happily.

is that a good thing or bad ?
do i need to installed Phyton ? should I ?


Blender will still work, but some of the script won’t work. You better goto to and download Python version 2.4 for the Blender 2.43 and install on your
system. It is free. After the installation when you run Blender, you won’t get this message, it will say got it

i did install phyton, it’s version 2.5 - it shouldnt be a problem right ? however…
the text on command line still come the same. i read some articles i need to set the Phyton variable on windows. how do i do it ?
many thanks.

Well actually python 2.5 won’t work with Blender / Windows 2.43, you need python 2.4.x (2.4.2 will work).

The page really needs to be updated to : -

  1. specify the Python version required for Windows (strangely enough it is mentioned for every other O.S. on that page !)

  2. A note should be added to the effect that a separate Python install is not required for most scripts to run, as Blender includes a python24 interpreter with the default install.

Also, your questions about the python error messages have been asked many … many … many times before, (and should really be a FAQ or a sticky thread).

Click on the Search button at the top of the forum then Advanced, then in the search dialog change the dropdown box to “Search Titles only”, then put “import site failed” or “python error” in the search box and you’ll find many many many threads.

As for your python path, when you install python, it should get updated automatically when you install the correct (2.4.x) python version.


Download Link for Python 2.44 is here


i use win 7 64 bit… last version of Blender… do i still need to install many other code like python ?