New to Blender & Forum

Hi all,

Im new the forum and to Blender, not used it before, but watched tutorial videos on how to navigate around the program. Reason i signed up to this forum is i want to learn from asking stupid questions. I have the desire to model buses for a game called OMSI which the developers recommended blender as it’s easier to convert any models to the game, only problem is doing some of the most basic things seems like a challenge in Blender.

I want to model this:—c~berlin.html

how would i go about creating a mesh to start shaping the front of the vehicle? I.E. a square that i can sculpt the front of it.


your link isn’t working. I think it’s a bandwidth issue. You should be able to post attachments ( upload directly to this forum ). What sort of bus is it? a passenger bus? a school bus? a VW micro-bus?

It’s a double decker passenger bus Modron :slight_smile: The site works fine for me :S

The easiest thing to do for modeling things like vehicles is to get blueprints or references images from the front, side, etc.
You can position these with views in the viewport (View > Properties in the bottom of the 3D window) and then model over the image to get the right proportions.

Try searching for some blueprints here:

modeling this should be easy, the hard part is texturing
I recommend watching modeling tutorials to learn the techniques, hotkeys and modifiers used
best places to find modeling tutorials are blendercookie, blenderguru, and youtube

great site, hard to find if you don’t have the link so bookmark it

Thanks guys, i saw the first reply, yeah its a BVG MAN lion’s City, thanks i found the blueprints but from what i was told not to extrude over a blueprint as it will turn out to be a 2D image rather than 3D, texturing is a milestone away from me at the moment, its just getting the modelling right, thanks for the tips.

Please keep me informed with anything that may be useful after i take a look at the other links you’ve provided. Its nice to be pointed in the right direction.

Thanks again

Don’t extrude from a blueprint, but do use it as a reference for where to position your objects.

Yes, alright, which objects do you speak of?