new to blender game engine reading up on logic bricks and experimenting

hey, as the title says, im new to the game engine and have just been reading through the manual, still only on sensor logic bricks in the manual and have come across a problem. I dont know what im doing wrong but im trying to test out the sensors and such as i read about them!
i have two cubes on a static mesh, one blue cube ,one red cube. My goal was to test out the near sensor i had just read about by making the red cube track to the blue cube, should the blue cube come within two blender units, and reset should it escape two blender units.
i added w,a,s,d keyboard sensors, each to an or controller which in turn connects to motion, either positive and negative on the y axis or positive or negative on the z axis rotation.

The red cube simply has a near sensor, set so that if an object with the ‘player’ property should come into two blender units of its area, then it will track to it. However, despite making sure i added motion to the red cube and making sure the blue cube was the object it would track to, and making sure it had the ‘player’ property, the red cube wont move. Help is appreciated, i cant progress until i get this working and i have much to learn!

never mind! though the red cube can be static, the blue cube / player has to have a different physics type. Sorry for wasting space!