New to blender - Having trouble modelling

I did not see a topic for my problem, if there is one sorry for duplicating is…

I am trying to learn how to use blender. I trying to follow along with a tutorial. Designing a little robot. I am still on the head. Working on the eye. It says to make four groups of two triangles into four quads, but for some reason, one of the pair will not convert to a quad. It just remains two triangles. Is this a bug or else am I not doing something right. I can get three of them, but the fourth one refuses to cooperate.

I have tried selecting those faces by their vertices and by faces, has the same effect.

Just wanted to check here to make sure I am doing things right before trying to submit a bug report.

Tutorial on modelling a robot in BlenderArt PDF magazine issue 1.

Screenshot: ? I will give one if I can duplicate the error. It seems to have fixed itself. I hate these types of problems. Ask for help and the problem clears itself. Or I did something different, but don’t ask me - I don’t know what I did different.

A screenshot would help . . . even better would be to post the .blend for someone to check the file.

Which tutorial are you following?