New to blender, having trouble with my renders..

Hello! I’m pretty new to blender. I’v been having some trouble with rendering my models. I’v been trying to get something similar to this.

It just looks good. Smooth, nice lighting and everything.

But when i render my models, it turns out dark, not realistic, shadows are black and any change to the material makes it look like a 4 year old did it.

Should i set Environment Lighting on? Or perhaps Ambient Occlusion?

Is there a tut for this somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:



You are asking for a complete course on blender for beginner, more or less; i suggest to follow this link

also i reccomend

cgcookie ( blender section )


So this would be covered in a “New to blender” tutorial?

Welcome to Blender!
If your shadows are very dark, Ambient Occlusion would certainly help.

Alternatively you could also change the sky colors to a light-blue -> dark-blue gradient and enable Environment lighting right below the AO panel.

Changing the sky color will also make any reflections that you have look better.

About the materials; one of the most common mistakes made with textures is to add them, change their color, and to FORGET/NEGLECT to lower it’s strength. Subtle textures are gold!

I did it! What do you guys think?

That is…the most beautiful cube ever!

Keep up the good work!

For further learning check these out:

and youtube!