New to Blender, how to make texture paint transparent?

Please see my post on I’m a brand new Blender user. I would like to know how to make models transparent so I can see through them when I do the ‘Texture Paint’

OK I just read you post, there. I would say…Place the seats and stuff in a new collection…in fact all the different parts could be in there own collection. Then when you just want to work on the seats…turn off visibility to the screen for all the collections but the one you want to work on.
You can always just select the part and use H, to hide it and Alt+H to bring it back…

ie: even if you make the outer car transparent, and try to paint something in there…guess what? it will still paint on the car and not the seat.

Sorry may be I’m not being clear, or I don’t understand. I’m new to Blender and 3D modeling. Just started yesterday. Yes, I want the outer car (body) transparent, but I also want the seat to be transparent also.

I thought you wanted the parts clear so that you could se to paint inside parts.
You just want the whole thing transparent …?? OK…but remember what I said, to actually paint something inside you have to get in there unless you add everything to your UV map…BTW you have to UNWrap this…also didn’t notice your using 2.79…had to re-learn it…

here is the jeep (1).blend (550.3 KB)


Thank you, I’ll try that.

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How do I get the ‘Material’ and ‘Output’ to look like yours? I’m completely new at this. Also, I can’t select ‘Scene’ (I think). This is what my screen looks like. Thanks for your help.

Also, I would like the model to be transparent like in your example when I’m in ‘Texture Paint’ mode also.

hello, I had to review on how to make the transparency for the object. So I see you are using Cycle Engine.

I found a good video for you to learn how to make a transparency object. Here’s the video:

there are 3 ways to make the object transparency.

Since you are new to blender. IF you want to use paint texture to make the object transparency, first thing is that you need to know Black and White are the basic that allowed anyone to use for masking

I’ll show you pictures. So take a look at the picture, I am using Blender Render (internal engine):

I put a small sphere with red diffuse inside the larger sphere and made it transparent using Blender Render. Look at the top, left side. You can see “Blender Render”.

The reason why you can’t get your object to be transparent is that you have to be aware of which Engine you are using. RSehiers was using Blender Render.

and Here’s the picture for Cycle Engine:

It’s a little different from the video. I used texture paint to paint the larger sphere. you can see the glass of “A”, it’s actually transparent. You can see the node setup I don’t use Glass shader, so I used transparency shader.

You can see Image Texture Shader is connected with the texture image I just made. That’s the masking

now look at the number 0.0 and 1.0,
0.0 represent black
1.0 represent white

this make it easy to know how to set it up. the node setup.

here’s the last picture:

if you have any problems or issues, then the first thing you need to make sure you are using the correct engine. if you are still having some problem, then be sure to give your update in here.

good luck and hope this helps!

Anyway someone can make a video or take screenshots? Because the options looks different in my Blender. Eventhough we’re using the same version. I find Blender very confusing. I’m even struggling to close some windows.