New to blender - looking for support on creating a stylized tornado/vortex kind of shape

hi there,

I wonder, if there is a similar way in blender (by that I mean “as fast” way) to do this:

Quick Tornado-Vortex in C4D
see around 4.15

I can model it all step by step - but I was wondering, if there is a more efficient way to do it (like using screw or some other modifiers?) Comming from MODO, I am not that familar to the modifier concept, right now.

Thanks in advance!

duh! no answers… hmmm - so it is not possible, I guess?

Yes, it’s relatively quick/easy once you know the various features of Blender.

You could use a curve object to define the basic shape of the tornado, then use it to modify a cylindrical mesh using a curve modifier.

On the mesh, add a Displace modifier and add a Noise texture on it, which you could animate over time.

Animate or apply generated noise to curve points to make the whole thing move randomly over time.

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Ok, sounds good! I think I can get on the right track, now. Thank you!