New to Blender, my W-I-P.

Hello Blender Artists community, nice to make your acquaintance :smiley:

I am very new to 3D modeling, but I must say I haven’t been as passionate about something as I am about modeling in a very very long time. God bless the Blender Foundation for making such an amazing open source program, and the GIMP team as well, for their gem.

Now to my post, the following pictures are some of my practice projects, like I said I am very new to modeling, my 2 week mark is in a day or so. I have just begun to put effort into my UV unwraps, as I just recently figured out some of the features, thanks to some great vid tutorials I found online. I would like to say that I want to make 3d modeling a career. I have severe back problems that ended my previous career in retail management, so I have been searching for a new niche, for a long time.

What I would love to have from you all, is some feedback on my work. I’ve posted pics of my UV unwrap for the vase, hoping to hear wether or not this is the right method, not just what worked for me this time.^^ Thank you all. :smiley:


A Katana I modelled for my nephews video game.

Here is a modified version and the exploded view.

These are some Japanese style vases I’ve been making for a static pack.

This is the UV Layout for the later vase.

Again, any feedback you can give me will be a great help. =)

images a little too small to comment on. Looks good though. I am not someone who can usefully comment on UV unwrapping.

Sorry about that^^ The sizes were displaying too big so I guess i scaled them down too much. Should be good now.

Nice stuff, though a comment on the Katanas, are you going off something in your head or from a reference, because if you take a look at some real Katana’s you might notice a few details about them. Personally I don’t like doing ancient civilisations or weaponry etc in any sort of work unless I know the thing inside out, otherwise I run the risk of sort of artisterizing them, ermm forget the term, I’m trying to say that basically I don’t like not being historically accurate. Ignore the double negative, it’s really hard to explain.