New to blender - need direction

Greetings All,

I have tinkered with 3D graphics before but that was like 10 years ago now and I loved photoshop as well till they decided to do annual subscriptions. Now I am trying to get back into design again.

I would love the idea of creating my own little scenes or characters and maybe even animate but I dont want to get to far ahead of myself as i am currently trying the tutorials to know the 2.9 functionality.

I have found some useful sites on youtube that do cover 2.9 although most covers 2.8 or below. I have a couple of questions someone maybe able to help with.

  1. How do you change your themes in 2.9? I found an awesome looking aqua theme in 2.8, but not much i could find or like in 2.9 let alone how to install them.

  2. Can someone explain why you want to keep your faces and vertice count low on rendering? You can smoothen it out with more of them, but the warning was it takes to much computer power to render and I am confused with low vertices vs smooth characters. Hope I explained this clearly, as it confused me typing it.

Anyhow thanks in anticipation.

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Thank you for your help on that just brand new to the forum and still trying to work out what to post where…

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When in doubt, there’s always a post at the top with more information about each category.

Okay thank you again…

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Hey man! You have a very realistic mindset going into this, so i believe you will get far. You know your limits already, which is rate at best :wink:

I dont know how themes work in 2.9 as i have yet to play with it myself, but my approach would be to first mess around with it and try to make something yourself, just to get familiar with the settings, then look up themes online for some that you like.

Since you’ve already familiarized yourself with the theme tools, you’ll be in a good position to tune it to your exact liking! I did this alot in 2.8, its daunting at first, but really fun once you get into it :slight_smile:

To elaborate a bit on your second question.

Realistically… you dont need to worry much about polycounts these days. Polycount was alot more relevant back in the days.

That said, use some common sense when planning and building things. Dont use more than you have to, if you’re making a character, then go up to a million polygons if you can find a good use for them. But perhaps thats not the best idea if you’re making a scene with an audience.

And if you’re making a stadium, where the characters are just background elements, then perhaps its best to cheap out on the polycount as much as possible on the characters.

Same goes when modelling. Dont bevel something with 60 steps just because its smoother than 10 steps, go with the amount that makes sense for object.

It would still be a good idea to practise low budget modelling though, i did this by taking inspiration from playstation 2 games, where i recreated characters from PS2 games, then downloaded the actual models and compared them. Knowing how to budget will help you trim down polygons where they’re absolutely not needed, even on modern projects. :slight_smile:

Thank you, I understand what you mean. Not sure if I have a realistic mindset to this or not, but will learn by trial and error I suppose.

For me its making as little problems for myself as I can. I know i will struggle on the Camera, Texturing and Perspective already even before I start. I love drawing by hand and tinker here n there, but I always enlarge images and really disliked the idea of mathematically doing anything to scale and just going on how I feel. So programs like 3D max or corel draw I started to struggle on as you had to understand metres, inches the list goes on. Even here to do things on a “Realistic” scale is going to be a struggle as I am far from realistic.

I am australian and I have loved alot of things people have designed in blender considering how easy it was to navigate the program.

Althought I am alot older than most my younger brother is about to start high school and loves animation, in the process I accidentally found this student video, .

Now i love lion dogs, guardian lions, foo dogs, what ever they are called, limited on the internet with good pictures of them, but i found that animation of them and fell back in love with the idea of doing design or animation again. If i go to classes it would be expensive and i would be bored and drop the idea, so i thought I would tinker here.

There you go much of a ramble but a clearer idea of where I am coming from. As with photoshop or was when i had it, you had to watch layers and image quality as it made the file size massive when you saved it as a psd file. This was my concern with the vertices and using too many, i didnt want massive file size and lack of quality etc if i used less. I also didnt know if texturing with too many or too less would also impact either.

Hope all this makes sense.