new to blender.. need help unwrapping in blender 2.69

hi, I am totally new to blender but eager to learn. I have been learning from video tutorials, but I am stuck now because I don’t know how to unwrap a bitmap in blender 2.69. any help will be very much appreciated.

I don’t know how to unwrap a bitmap
What does this mean ? Show us what you want to do

Generally we talk about unwrapping meshes or models to apply textures to them. Bitmaps are images, may be used for textures. There are many tutorials on unwrapping and using the UV editor. The Blender Wiki has an overview.

Hi, newbie myself, I bashed my head against the wall for a while with image texture. The key to unwrapping a mesh to apply images to it is first mark a seam as required. Then (in edit mode) deselect anything then select EVERYHING on the mesh before you ‘u’ to unwrap. If you only have a poly or so selected, nothing appears to happen. Also, I found if there was no image present in the UV/image editor, the unwrapped mesh didn’t show up for some reason. However, that doesn’t always seem to be the case, i’m sure someone may be able to explain that.