new to blender - need specific tutorial

Hi, I’m new to blender and will hopefully get into it a lot more (time permitting). I’ve got a big project on at work and i thought I’d do something interesting with the logo. I’m after a specific tutorial or a nudge in the right direction on doing something similar to the effect in the following movie >> - just the initial flyby with the white background/blue-grey logo really.

my guess (As i’ve only just downloaded blender and had a quick look at the controls/tools/interface/etc) is as follows as to what i have to do (and correct me if i’m going to be going about this in a crappy way)

create a plane
attach an image (presumably as a texture?)
point a few lights at it
move the camera about on the timeline
finally center the camera over the image?

does this sound straightforward? does anyone have any tutorials for a total 3d noob?

thanks in advance