New to Blender/Not to 3d

I have a short animation (2 seconds)- a flying logo that I need to final render. I have tried all of the codecs and I don’t like the quality of any of them. None of them appear as anti-aliased as when I hit the Render Button but that only seems to render 1 frame whereas the Anmi button renders the whole sequence.

Any ideas?
What did I miss.


Try doing the entire sequence as separate TGA files and then combine in the video editor of your choice.

(Set file type to targa and then hit anim button)

For your anti-aliased problem, you might want to try clicking the OSA button and chosing a level of AA … this should help.

you can render it as an avi jpeg instead of a particular codec, that’s what i use and the quality is pretty good.

BTW, what codec’s were you rendering to?

or use an external program (such as virtualdub) to encode in any codec you want…