New to blender nothing is rendering

So im trying to create this room in my house in blender and I’ve used planes to make the walls and floor. I also colored them with regular color and a texture. When i go to render it to see the images i used for the texture I dont see anything no walls just a gray space. I’ve moved the camera up so it is pointing towards the walls but nothing? I’m confused

You should supply a simple demo blend file that demonstrates the problem because you post as written is pretty much useless in helping to solve your problem.
For example we don’t know what type of materials you are using, what lighting, what render settings or even what renderer

It wont let me upload an attachment of what I made so i dont know what to do.:confused:

Comment (nicely) on a few posts in the WIP or Finished projects forums to get your post count up. Then you should be able to add attachments.

And, yes, it’s almost a given that we need a blend file to help you.

Have you included a light? Is it within the walls of the room? if it’s outside, it won’t light the room. From the sounds of it, you’ve used individual planes for each surface. You could get the same effect by sizing a cube and flipping the normals.

office.blend (5.9 MB)
is this what you guys need? Btw thanks to anyone that helps I just started using today so I’m dumb :sweat_smile:

You’re scale was definitely an issue. I parented everything to an empty, shrunk it, applied scale and removed parent with keep transforms. I also added a sun light to illuminate everything a bit better.
Here’s the result.office_01.blend (5.9 MB)

The problem is caused by your camera settings in the scene. Switch to Camera View, then fix

  1. Select the camera object
  2. Change the clipping distance settings (see the picture below)

    Also, I suggest adding more lights or change the existing light settings, the picture renders very dark as it is now.

Thank you!