New to Blender on a mac

Hi. Okey, so I haven’t been doing much 3D lately. I had to sell my computer about 6-7 months back and everything i’ve done has been on a kinda slow work computer. Just got a new computer… and for some reason I chose a iMac. And I have no idea how well blender runs on. Anybody care to share their experience, especially if they have gone from windows/linux to Mac osX.

It’s the new imac, i3 3.2ghz with 4gb ram and Ati Radeon HD 5670. Anybody got this and running blender? Any tips/advice… Also bought the magic mouse and keyboard withoutt numpad <— stupid.
I’m guessing I have to emulate 3button mouse now…

Too bad I won’t be able to start using it before tomorrow though :frowning:


In preferences, you can check emulate numpad inblender.
Nevertheless welcome:eyebrowlift2:

K. How hard is it emulate (as i’m away from my mac now) is it as on a laptop fn+numpad key (usually an f11 or something) and then on and off, or is it like in the optionspanel or something…

regarding the mouse, how hard would it be to use the magic mouse?


Your mac will blender fine.
Assuming you are using blender 2.5beta:
The emulate numpad option in the User Preferences pane sets the keyboard number keys to act like the full keyboard numpad keys.
For the magic mouse you will have to go into File / User Preferences / Input and select Emulate 3 Button Mouse.
Pan = Alt+Shift+LMB
Rotate = Alt+LMB
Zoom = Alt+Ctrl+LMB
I use a magic mouse and works ok for me, ut I’m used to having my left hand on the bottom left of the keyboard.

ok, but problem occurs when numbers are on the same key’s as the hotkeys. I’m guessing I’ll have to map some of the keys different then… Should have been a quick key for emulating numpad like on a laptop…
Thanks for the reply


honestly just use emulate numpad for views and use the layer icon to move objects among layers.

I work mostly only on a laptop and I like small keyboards - the numpad is not really that essential.

As mentioned you can use key combinations for the mouse.

It is a great mouse by the way - just not suitable were you need a middle mouse button.
The good old scroll wheel mouse is just faster more stable here.

But you can also assign a second or right click to the mouse.

There is also a 3d rotate I am not sure how it would work inside Blender.

i use a mac and magic mouse it works fine, really fast rendering with 2.5… You can emulate the magic mouse to use a middle button sensor to do al the panning/rotatng. Good choice!

Kk. Guess i’ll just have to try it out. I did use a macbook about 3-4 years ago when I first tried out blender. It was then my work computer and it worked fine for me now, it’s just i’ve been using windows and a 3 button mouse and a full keyboard for a long long time, but guess i’ll be fine once i’ve done a few models. Thanks for the hotkey list.