New to blender overall

Hi Guys, I’m completely new to Blender and I just started the tutorials on CG Cookie two days ago. I’m shifting from Maya to Blender for the reason that Blender is open source and super powerful, I’ve seen from your creations on this site as well as the few Blender artists on, that I can do exactly what I could in Maya, with this software. Now my question is as follows, I’ve been training a lot in Maya’s lighting, rendering and then Adobe After Effects Compositing, but Blender has a decent Composite engine built in and can do super creative stuff, yet again, from having seen what you guys created, as well as Sintel, Big Buck bunny and Elephant’s dream. Could you guys direct me to resources for Blender Lighting, rendering and compositing specifically, where I can learn how to light and render animations for production and them with touch ups in the blender composite engine.

I have worked through the CG Cookie tutorials and have a very basic understanding of Blender, but before I go into modelling, animation and texturing, I would like to start with the area I like doing the most, lighting, rendering and compositing.

Thanks Guys

Check out the BlenderGuru site for great compositing tutorials and effects stuff. If you want to edit the shots together in Blenders own non linear video editor, called the vse then check the blog my sig below.

Thanks dude :slight_smile: I have looked ta Blender Guru and I also found that the website offers a training dvd for $50, covering all the essentials of Blender as if you are a noob to 3D, that is super awesome. Your blog is super cool! I’ll definately make use of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender Cookie has a lot of great tutorials, most are free: