New to Blender plugins

Hi, everyone! I noticed lot’s of topics with the word beginner and etc. I don’t want to be another person to add to repeated questions, but I have to do this, because I’m very unfamiliar with Blender development. I have been using the software for a few years, and I’m ready to automate some tasks.

Could someone please, either answer the following questions, or please provide a link where I can get more detailed information.

  1. How can I create the simplest “Hello World” plugin for blender. I would like to do this and install it also, so I can get a basic idea of how I would go from production to first use.

  2. Just a little more detail, I need after the hello world example. How can I load a custom mesh with my plugin. So for example, I created 2 custom objects called chair and table. I would like to have the objects selectable from a menu, just like the primitives. Where can I find an example to do this.

  3. Those were the only 2 real questions I have as a beginner, but if you have any links to developer tutorials, please post them, and thank you.

Addons are written in python.
You can find the latest python api here
There is a tutorial here

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