New to blender, suggested tutes?


I am again trying to learn Blender (this is my second attempt). Right now I am currently going through the Essential Training at, given by Roger Wickes.

I am coming from an Animation:Master background first (patches) and then later I was heavily into XSI by Softimage for awhile, where I learned polys. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but man, everything in Blender just seems backwards. It’s been a real challenge to learn things. (Selecting things with the right mouse button… driving me insane.)

Anyway, I’m going through the modeling lessons right now. They are pretty good but I’m wondering how his lessons stack up to what the community sees as really good modeling lessons (and other lessons) out there. I know there are links here, but I am looking for specific recommendations.

I’ve actually forgotten most of what I knew from XSI, so in a way I’m starting fresh. It’s just intuitively things seems odd, so it’s tricky. I’m starting to get a bit of a handle on things, but any suggestions would be really appreciated.

Thanks! has this video series on getting started. They produce excellent tutorials on all aspects of Blender, and for different skill levels.

I find video tut’s annoying: how can you watch AND do it @ the same time? :wink:

noob to pro is what I liked:

goes from “this is how you double click on the EXE” to “this is how you do an awesome looking animation”.

Well, I… pause… the video and work in Blender. Then I start it again. For me learning by video is easily the fastest method.

You may want to look here:

Multiple monitors helps alot with this :stuck_out_tongue:

Noob-to-pro is beginning to get outdated, blendercookie is probably your best option especially if you are interested in starting with 2.53.