New to Blender - Think I did something wrong

I’m trying to 3d Model using blender, but I have done something that i think is making the software super laggy and i have no clue how to fix it. as it suddenly become super laggy like a slideshow?


Hello and welcome.

We need more info to help you but that looks not good.
What are you trying to do?
Any modifiers?
What is that?
What have you done before?

We can solve that.

I was just trying to 3d model a blade, i started in front orthographic mode and was just shaping it how i wanted it to be, I have no modifiers and I literally just started to model it.

Thanks for the additional info but there is no way for anybody to determine what could have happened between those two screencaps. What is going on in your first screencap please ? Can you share the .blend file ? if not, can you share more captures ? A video ?


it looks like your geometric complexity jumped up a bunch between your screenshots. editing dense geometry in edit mode can cause slowdowns.

is that geometric density your intent or a mistake? if its by intent, i’d say you would want to rethink your modelling approach as there are tightly packed vertices not contributing not a lot of additional detail.

if its by mistake, i’m not exactly sure what modelling function could generate vertices like that beyond a bunch of repeated extrudes?

Mmm. As Shteeve say, Look like a very dense poly mesh. Maybe a “extrusion” or a extreme “loop cut” (Ctrl. + R) operation with a incredible amount of scroll wheel increasing turns.
Make sure of look the stats of the scene: Verts, Faces, Tris, Objects and Memory utilized (in 2.83 on bottom right of the screen).
If this: from front view (I understand), select all the visible faces/vertex with “x-ray toggle in off”. Then invert the selection (Crtl + I) and delete the faces. It should only keep the first first layer that you are working.
Hope It help you.

You may consider your hardware capabilities and update it if needed.