New to Blender, vertex merging question

Hello, im quite new to Blender but have used a few other modelling applicaions. Played around with some 3ds max demos for a while but the limit has run out so im looking to learning Blender. I have watched many basic tutorials, mainly the video ones off the official blender site - very useful for starters like me however have come across a lot of other problems. Most of these I have found solutions for here so I only really have one main one.

When I mirror an object, or are trying to join two different sections to each other I can never get the polygons lined up exactly. I have seen this been answered about mirroring before - yes I do search around for solutions before just starting a thread. %| but I have mirrored two sides and cant work out how to merge nearby verticies. In 3ds max there used to be the command to weld nearby verticies where you could just set a limit to the distance they could be apart and then it would merge all the ones withing that distance in the selected area. I could go around selecting each of the verticies that need joining and doing it this way but that would take far too long to consider on more detailed models so im sure there is a way similar to this.

Thanks for any replies as im slowly getting used to this program but dislike finding little frustrations that get in the way of my progress.

One other small point, is there a way (as in 3dsmax) to once selected a current vertex is there a way to snap the cursor to other vertexes so you can easily join them that way.

Any replies will be greatly appreciated. :wink:

You should use the new mirror modifier (found in 2.40). It’s in Editing/Modifiers/Mirror. You can add many modifiers to mesh. They are very flexible.
When you want to turn the mirrored mesh real, hit apply in object mode.

Simplest scenario how to use mirror modifier:

  1. Create a plane.
  2. Add mirror modifier (described above).
  3. Move the plane exactly one unit right. (hint: use ctrl-key while moving it. shift key gives you more accuracy.)

I think there may be a few ways to do what you are saying. One is to select the two verticies you want to ‘stitch’ together, and press ‘alt m’ to merge them together. Another way that may be similar to the 3dmax way that you mentioned is the ‘remove doubles’ option. This joins all of the double verticies into one. Under the editing buttons (F9) you can specify a distance for what is considered to be close enough for a double vertice. Then just highlight the ones you want to join and click ‘remove doubles’ alternativly, in edit mode wou can press ‘w’ for a shortcut menu, and select remove doubles from there, but you will still have to specify a distance in the f9 menu. Hope this helps.

Excellent, thanks for both of your replies, I shall try them soon and then post back if it is succesful :slight_smile:

Edit: tried them out, good so far, almost worked out mirroring, however just another question, is there a way to select a vertex and then snap it to another one, kind of like snap to vertex in max? Then when removing doubles it would make it much easier?

Once again, thanks for the help or any responses

Edit2: Ah kinda got in by moving the cursor to the selected vertex then moving the other vertex to cursor, this however does seem a rather slow way of doing it? Is there another? Thanks

At the moment snapping vertexes to others and merging is a bit slow. Though afaik there’s a merge patch that allows better merging. Perhaps upcoming Blender releases have better merge. It would be great if there were merge to last selected or some better system.

How it works now:
There are two tools you need for this job: alt-m and shift-s.

  1. Snap cursor to the target vertex and hit shift-s and select Cursor->Selection. (alternatively shift-s-4).
  2. Select the verts you want to merge with this one it included.
  3. Hit alt-m and select merge at cursor.