New to Blender. Where do I start?

Hi all. New to Blender and would like to know where to start to learn the basics. I will primarily be using Blender to create 3D/dimensional typography for print/web.

Any resources would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks!:yes: there is a great tutorial that just came out about 3d typology for beginners

If you’re planning to use blender 2.5 (which I think you should) blender cookie has a nice collection of video tutorials :

thanks folks!!

also search this forum, there are lots of threads that bundle all great tutorials out there, pdf, vids, online, …

Welcome on Board!

I’m a noob as well. Does hardcopy documentation exist for Blender? I’d like to be able to educate myself while not staring a just a computer screen all day

one of the ways the blender foundation funds itself is selling instructional material
buy it to support their efforts
check their website for the e-shop, top right of the page