New To Blender with a Noobie Question

Hey everybody…I’m new to Blender and I’m still in the messing around stage but I’m trying to put together a model of a Lear Jet and I’ve included a landing light but it doesn’t look right. It’s not bright enough. I mean the light is coming out of the spot light I put there but we should be able to see the light source as well. So I’ve included a semi-transparent light lens in front of it and set the Halo setting but it still isn’t bright enough.

How would you guys suggest I fix that?

Also, I’m attaching the blend file in case anybody wanted to play with it.


lear jet.blend (672 KB)

probably a stupid question , but have you messed with the energy parameter ? it sets light intensity.

In addition to what Kilon said, looks like you are using AO. Trying turning that down.

Is this better ?

look at the attachment.


lear jet.blend (664 KB)

Hey Kilon:
you fixed it. What in the world? I’ll check it out. Thanks.

I’m toying with the idea of installing an interior on this baby. Is it possible to render the inside of a model?

Another idea is to build an airport scene around the Lear. Thanks you guys for all your help. I’m still learning.


I sure is possible to render the interior. You can render just about anything you want! :slight_smile: You’ll probably want to create a double walled hull, with the interior wall with the normals facing inward.

Just move the camera inside the plane and position it how you want. Ez as could be.

I looked at your .blend file, can I suggest switching to Median Point in the “Rotation/Scaling Pivot” box.

It makes handling an object much much easier. Just a suggestion tho.

Hey thanks for the tips guys and gals…I’ll try it out and let you know how it works.