New to Blender...with a question

(Mojo) #1

I’ve just discovered Blender and think it’s wonderful. I’m reading the official 2.0 guide and see that, in the “quickstart” chapter, the screenshot shows three views displayed on the screen. I have always worked better in multiple views, but haven’t yet found a way to duplicate this. Can anyone help? Thanx.

    Mojo :o

(RipSting) #2

If you move your cursor to the edge of any of the windows, your cursor will turn to a 2 way arrow. If you right-click while your cursor is like this you can choose to split the window, or to join the two windows. You can then set the views in each window independantly.

Also, each window can display different information. To display the buttons, for example, hit shift-F7 with your cursor in the window. To change it back to a 3D view, hit shift-F5.

Hope this helps!

(d52477001) #3

you can then press ctrl-U to update the user defaults. Then, next time you open blender the views are already the way you want.

(phlo) #4

you have to move with the mousecursor from the window you want to
split affects the window you were last with your mouse.

same way for joining: the window you want to keep must be the last
having the focus of the mouse.

was tricky for me the first times


(Mojo) #5

Thanks! That helped a lot! I’m off to discover my next problem!

Til then,