New To Blender... Wolf base mesh

New To Blender, but here is a wolf…dog… thing… Not sure where to go from here. Always get stuck after the initial modeling. So many tutorials and avenues. Sculpt? Texture? Particle hair? all of the above, would like this to look realistic in the end. Anyway here it is…

well I think he should be smoothed a little bit more.
Youd better check some tutorials to learn the basics steps of creating a character. I suggest this site: Basically to create a realistic character you should do these steps in this other: If you have a blueprint (you can model the character directly) so you can skip the first 2 steps: -Sketching (sculpting) your idea / character -retopo-ing it (google it if you dont know what that is)
-Uv unwarping
-Sculpting the fine details
-Baking the normal map , cavity, displacement.
-Making the textures.
-Hair/ Fur particle
(IF you want to animate there are some more steps:
o rig
o animate
o bake dynamics )

That`s it. I hope I helped you.

Looks like a solid start to me. Looks like some good tips AlinB.

Well I’ve driven myself crazy trying different ways to texture and sculpt this thing but I didn’t like any of it, simply made some eyes for the beast and I’m calling it on this one for now.

(first time making eyes, it was awful)

thought this looked kind cool :stuck_out_tongue: