New to Blender

(amram) #1


I’m new to Blender and have been visiting this site for a while now… and now i finaly decided to join

i’m 16 and live in Florida and hope to get pretty good at this stuff… hopefully plan on making short films and stuff, but i have a LONG time for that… and after seeing @ndy’s ‘Just One Wish,’ i have hope… well, i thought i’d introduce myself before posting around while people wonder who i am. well, see you around, and i hope to learn a lot.


(Enzoblue) #2

Cool! Nice to have you.

(sten) #3

welcome amram !!

looking forward to see your future work !

(Andy Goralczyk) #4

welcome on board amram!
i’m glad that i gave you hope with ‘just one wish’. :smiley: making short animations quickly and cheap is one of Blender’s best sides.
cant wait to see your future work…

(rwv01) #5

Hello amram! Good to have you with us!
Just watch out for the flying monkies! :stuck_out_tongue:

(sten) #6

and !!?? :stuck_out_tongue:

(IamInnocent) #7

Yes : welcome home Amram.

(kaktuswasse) #8

welcome amram!
I hope you will bomb us with great work :smiley:

@ :Z tonzy:
I guess everybody knows how old you are :stuck_out_tongue:

(Schlops) #9


And now stop talking and start blending :wink:

(Andy Goralczyk) #10

and !!?? :P[/quote]

huh? where did u get that quote from?



(sten) #11

/me slaps kaktuswasse !!

(rogerm3d) #12

Welcome aboard Amram. :slight_smile:
Cant wait to see some cool work
:smiley: :smiley:

(theeth) #13

Welcome to Blender Amram!

@ :Z tonzy: since when did Zorro trade the sword for the trout slap? :stuck_out_tongue:


(seval) #14

Welcome…and get to the tutorials.