New to blender

HI all. New Blender user here, only been at it a few weeks off and on. Thought I’d show you all my first model I made… Nothing special, just keeping it simple while I learn.

Any help and advice would be much appricated

Thanks for your time…


I would suggest a wood texture for the desk, but looks like you’re off to a great start!

great modelling! now time for textures :smiley:

Pretty nice for a first job. :smiley:

You got nice model and some nice materiasl, so carry on same path and add a wood texture on that desk.

Nice first project! I agree on adding a wood-texture to the desk. A second thing you might want to look at is the shadow of the lamp, it’s a bit corny. I’m also still quite new to Blender, so I think the more experienced people can better tell how to improve it, but you can start by increasing the ‘Shadowbuffsize’ of the spot that casts the light and shadow.

Btw, it’s somewhat ironic that I mention it myself (see this topicif you want to know what I’m talking about), but the wire of the lamp should be somewhat thicker in my opinion.

thanks for all the tips… Pretty funny cus I had no idea what to start modling, so I just started doing the lamp on my desk. Was alot harder then I realised lol…

But thanks again… I’ll keep working at it… Wish I new how to make the light bulb glow.

thanks again all 8)

Glowing light bulb:

*create a 1 vertex mesh (a default plane + in edit mode W-key and select merge)
*give it a material with Halo settings
*create a lamp at the same spot w/settings for Lamp/Sphere/Shadows selected and match the color you chose for your Halo material
*play with the clip start and end numbers until happy

Wow, thats alot better then my first saved render.

I would suggest (if your going to keep the lights the same) to try and tighten up clipstart and clipend in your light options to bring that shadow into better focus.

Hey thats very good for a first model, good job.