New to Blender

Hey, Im new to using Blender but not exactly new to 3D CGI, Im just wondering if there are any good tutorials out ther on the web that might help me learn most of Blenders features. So far i have basic mesh modeling, but i can’t make anything very realistc.

Also im just wondering how long it takes you advanced users to create a scene/animation/picture. I have seen some results and they look amazing but mine look nothing like the ones i have seen.

Just any help would be great!

for tutorials, search these forums and search google. also have a look at the documentation on

just be patient with the results, small steps will take you to the top. concentrate each time on different issues, like “metal surface”, “multiple materials”, “volumetric light”, “polygon modelling” or “animation with IPO’s”. so you’ll reach a point where it all fits together.