New to Blender

Hi all,

I started working on the Tutorial for Gus and ended up with a big square body and 2d arms and legs. Not to worry, I found the answer here as to the cause and wire frame. :slight_smile:

I was looking for information about importing mesh files and again found the info here.

Nice forum!
I have been working on a game for a few years and have tried a number of engines. Some free and some not so free. I finally decided on one but the engine uses 3D studio max to export or Ogre XML. I tested out 3D Studio Max through a trail but the price is just to steep for me. Blender seems to have just about all I need to design my game world. I have installed the Ogre XML export script.

The two things I am missing right now is Optimize function. Is there a script to reduce the poly count or what is the function called?

The other thing is, some of my project are in .x extensions and I need to import them but I don’t find a script for .x. Is there a script or do I need to write one?


First off, welcome to the Blender Community

In the edit buttons, there is a tool known as the decemator which reduces the tri count but can produce some nasty results. The best way to get good low poly models is to be good at low poly modeling.

In my quick searching of the web i didnt find one so you may need to write one.

you can use cambos script pyredux (only works with the alpha builds or the upcoming release…)

it gives very high quality reductions.


There is a .x (direct x ?) importer here (might be bundled with next release)


Thanks for the welcome and thanks for the scripts. EXACTLY what I needed to get Blender going. I am not a good artist as it is but I am trying.