New to Blender

I love this program! :slight_smile:

I downloaded blender a long time ago, but after a few minutes of trying to move the camera, I quickly gave up. Lately I downloaded 2.37a and downloaded a pdf on it. I fell in love with Blender. It is now my #1 modeling tool. With the inclusion of the “quick start.pdf” in v2.4, I believe you will see a lot more people using this tool.

I just wanted to say thanks to the makers of this awesome program. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Blender and Elysiun, Coty :slight_smile:

It seems a lot of users may have followed that same path: download, quick try, give up. We just saw some more words from some users to that effect in the Blender 2.40 announcement in the CGTalk News thread.

I am hopeful more will do as you did and revisit Blender with a sincere intent of discovering how much it has to offer. Blender’s getting better every day.

Take care and have fun,


My blender experience was very typical.

I read on the Elysium forum [1] keep one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse, and [2] the user interface will drive you crazy for a week, then suddenly will be perfectly intuitive.

So I kept one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse, pounded my head against the brick wall of the user interface for about five days, and just when I was about to give up in despair I suddenly found that I was using it with the ease of a fish swimming.

I did find it useful to keep handy a list of commonly used keystrokes, until I memorized them by constant use.

With programs like Irrlicht and Ogre quickly becoming the peoples prefered choice, and with more and more game engines moving to more detailed levels made with modeling programs such as Maya and Max, etc…, Blender has a bright future! Most of my work has been with Lithtech games (F.E.A.R, Aliens vx. Predator2, No One Lives Forever, Tron 2.0, etc…). DEdit, the Lithtech map tool, has evolved into a half modeling program. Not wanting to go backwards and learn one of those simple solid blocky map editers with limited options, like QuArK, Hammer, or Radiant (ID Software), I was looking for something more like what I was used too. This program is perfect for me. I believe it will be the level editing tool of the future!

There is much for me to learn, but from what I’ve seen so far, I couldn’t ask for a better mapping tool.

Thanks Guys :slight_smile:
Long Live Blender!!