New to Blender


I didn’t know where else to post this. But, I used to be an active poster here but stopped because real life got into the way and lost interest in Blender. Now, I’m extrememly interested in getting into 3d modeling again and I have some spare time, I have some previous experience in Blender. I was just wondering; where is the documentation for the gingerbread tutorial and can anyone else reccomend any tips or tutorials so that I can learn this software? Thanks to any help. :slight_smile: Thanks.


The Gingerbread Tutorial is here but I’d reccomend ,this newer tutorial,Introduction_to_Character_Animation or of course you can do both :slight_smile:

The main Wiki/documentation page is here

The latest Blender Summer of Documention projectwhich includes the above mentioned intro to char animation is here :


there are more tutorials here


With Blender, you gotta remember: one hand on the keyboard, the other on the mouse.

With me, I pounded my head against the wall with Blender for about five days. When I started on the Sixth day, something clicked and suddenly everything was easy. Apparently this is common.

There is a nice list of commonly used hot keys here:

There are some nice maps of the hot keys here:

There is a nice Blender for beginners tutorial here;

Thanks for the links guys. I could get started right away. :slight_smile: