New to Blender

Dear Blenders

I’m new to Blender and have just installed it. From my research, it’s obvious there’s a vast network of tutorials and learning material available to me; in your experience, what is the most efficient way of learning the software?

Also, is it possible to export projects / clips from Blender in to Final Cut Pro for a final edit?



there is a wiki book for blender

you also have intro -books and some basic tutorial on Blender site

That’s a good beginning
and not to get you overconfident
but Blender has a difficult learning curve
but you’ll get there when you get there - in time
And Einsten said that time is relative don’t forget
Salutations & Good luck


I suggest that you start with the “Interface” under the Introdcution section of the Manual

Then look at the Summer of Documentation section :

The “Intro To Character Animation” tutorial is excellent, and covers modelling, character rigging, animation.

For editing in an external NLE, you probably would want to render to Image Sequences (png, tga … etc). Depending on the complexity invovled, Blender does have a built in Video Sequence editor that you may wish to use. The Composite Nodes are also very powerfur for post processing and are well documented on the wiki.

This thread discusses render output formats :


Also, yes, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to export movies from blender to Final Cut Pro. Blender saves movies, FCP opens them.

Anyway, good luck with Blender. I hope you keep with it.

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