new to blender!

I am creating a game and I am looking into 3d graphics - I have seen some of the work people do with blender and was thinking about giving it a try… before I go and learn it…can someone make a box with legs - bones and animation in it - like walking - so I can convert it to an .x file and see if it will work? This would be the decider with it! - blender seems to have a lot of features I could use…

I just want to download an object loaded convert it to an .x file with animation bones ect…
and load it in my game to see it work- this would be my most interest in the program in deciding to use it!..
and will it support multi -animation in an .x file-

Thanks in advance!

here’s a file with a walking character ( 4 Mb):


Thanks, I will give it a try-

Welcome to Blender :wink: If what you say it correct that your new to Blender here is 1 of my threads that you may find usefull :

Anyways hope you stay on Blender Arists !!! And HAPPY BLENDERING !!! :cool: