New to Blender

Hello, I just found out about blender several weeks ago and have done pretty much nothing since. Been going through the wikibook and am having a fantastic time with it. Just figured I’d put up the first thing i did independantly here and see if i could get a little criticism (not to mention the wikibook told me too :stuck_out_tongue: ) so here we go…

I made the “skull” using some pics I found on the internet and a little bit of tweaking and the rest was basically just messing around with settings to see what i came up with, so let me know what you think and please, be gentle…


hey welcome to blenderartists =) i cant crit on anything since i dont know what you were goin for, but personally it seems like your off to a good start… i like the way it looks, try rendering OSA to get rid of alot of the pixelation (if you hadnt already lol)

Interesting color choice. It looks pretty good, in an Edvard Munch sort of way.

You could improve this piece by playing around with the lighting.
Turn off shadows on all but one light. Make that light a spotlight, and give it softer shadows.
Right now, the top of the skull on the right side blends right in to the background. Try adding either a very faint fill light to give the skull a slightly lighter tone, or add a rim light set to spec only to get a highlight along the outline of the skull in that area, similar to the highlight on the other side. Experiment with giving your lights some color.

Welcome to BlenderArtists. :smiley:

thanks for the feedback, i did kind of notice the blending in the top and tried to compensate for it but i guess i didn’t do too well… oh well practice makes perfect and i’m lovin it so there’ll be plenty more coming from my quiet little corner here…