New to blender

Im new to blender, and am now experimenting with various modeling styles. I was hoping to get some feedback on my projects. this is a sword that i made as a mod for a game. I would appreciate any constructive feedback and suggestions to help me improve and refine my work. view work here

lol, new. that is an amwesome model! just its really bothering me, the tip of the sqord-thing looks 2D to me?

can u mabye post a wireframe?

The blade looks round, you should add a crease onto the edge of the blade, or set the whole object to sharp (editing buttons, F9)

I took the advice of sharpening the edges a little bit and it greatly improved the visual affect of the blade in addition, i also added a chrome finish to it, though because the world is blue the blade just looks blue in the render. Also i put up a few wire frame shots per request. those can be found here-
thanks for the advice.

Cool work! & Welcome!

Just to help you a little further there is a Work In Progress forum where you’ll get tons more feedback for your projects. Want more? Go to the Focused Critique forum but be brave and tough then.