New to Blender

I’m prety new to blender, I just started using it today actually.I’m also sort of lost on this site, so I hope I’m posting this in the right place. I’ve found some decent resources and I’m using Blender for a 3-D art class I’m taking so I’ll learn alot their; but looking to do more, so if anyone could post where I could find some extra resources or post anything helpful I would appreciate it.
Also, how simmilar is Blender to what a professional would use when doing something like making a model for a game(a game like Call of Duty,Mario or Halo)? Basically if I learned how to use blender would it make it easier learning to use those?

Like I said earlier I’m completely new to Blender and this site so if this is in the wrong area I appologise. And thanks for reading and helping a new guy.

blender is a unique application, no other program is going to use the exact same methods as blender. that being said, I’ve used many the mainstream applications (MAX, Maya, Z-brush, MudBox, much less but some of Cinema 4D, and Poser) and the general concepts across these are all the exact same. learning to box/poly model, texture, etc in blender is as good as any. blenders built in game engine even seems to make blender a particularly good choice if you want to head that.

honestly, the best way to use resources in my mind is to completely learn/examine a few at your disposal, and just be naturally curious beyond that. but that said the best place to get new, information, and links to all things blender is they have many parts and links to that site. my two personal favorite sites for tutorials past that are:

Welcome, and hope you enjoy your blender experience! just remember to have fun while work.

first of all welcome to the forum (and blender)

you will find that all the principles in any 3D software package are the same - although, the buttons, UI and process may be different in each program. So a “professional” is doing exactly the same thing no matter what software he/she uses. You will also find that there are a lot of “professional” blender users, who either use blender as part of their pipeline or they solely use blender.

if you want to learn more than in your class - be patient because it takes time to get better - start small
here is a good place to start

Thanks, I appreciate the tutorial sites and the explanations. I was only able to skim through them, but when I get more time I’ll spend some more time with them.