New to blender

Hi everyone

I have noooooooooooooo experience what so ever and i want to start making a game cause i really really love to play them. Figure why not try to make one you know? Anyways, my questions are these

  1. Does blender have all the required items to make a game?
    2)If the answer is no to #1 what else would i need to look into / learn to make a game?
  2. Is Blender really hard to learn?

Any help would be awesome!

Welcome to the forums.

  1. Yes, even fairly complex games.
  2. Yes. There’s a lot you can learn, and it’s a very advanced program.

My opinion: Don’t start learning blender by making a game. I do not understand that logic - no offense. Start by learning how to make a simple object, then learn to texture it. You have no chance of finishing a game knowing nothing at all about Blender - again, no offense. Think about it this way - if you start a game now, without knowing anything about Blender, everything you do will be wrong. Take a few weeks, lean the basics, ask some questions, dissect some existing Blender games, talk to some developers here - but whatever you do, don’t make your very first Blender project a game. Trust me! Good luck.

As 3dmedieval said, yes, Blender has the means to make (even fairly complex) games. But as said if you’re new to Blender, I wouldn’t start of by trying to make a game. I don’t know much about Blender game engine (though I’m fairly interested in trying it myself), but I’d say take a while to get familiar with the basics of Blender (the basic interface, modeling, texturing etc.) and come back to the game engine after that. There’s just so much you need to know to make a game, especially if you’re making one by yourself.
Good luck :slight_smile:

edit: as I said, I don’t know much about the Blender game engine, but I don’t think that Blender is hard to learn. It just takes time and… patience I guess.

oh no no no, Im not going to start trying to make a game as soon as i download it. Was just wondering the capabilities of Blender / Blender game engine. I wish i could make a game out of the blue like that. But hey, not easy lol. So far just searching around for a program that seems interesting and will fit with me having a low attention span. Blender fit that profile really. So thought i would ask around. Want to make a game thats a cross between Aion, (Flight, Character customization, Animations ) WoW ( Story and Diversity), and Zelda Ocarina of Time ( cause i like Zelda ). Learing the basics right now. Have a little Blender for Dummies book that im studying.

Oh and it is by myself. Im also slowly practicing drawing ( royally suck ) and i have a music program ( Music Creator 5 )that im learning to use.

Alright, sounds good. Blender seems to be the right program for you, as it’s open source (free) and has what you need. The games you mentioned as inspiration are all pretty much open world, well… bigass games. You planning on something really big like that or are these just inspirations style-wise?

2.5 Beta is what I use. Perhaps a new person would choose that as well.
(There exist the old NON beta blender as well)
I would suggest its quite reasonable for a person who
New to 3D software … and less so … new to Blender that seeing
that viewing
50-100 videos of (5-10 minutes each) in the first few 6 months
is a quite reasonable approach to learning more about blender.
Perhaps I am too conservative with the numbers.

I appreciate well written formal documentation and I do not think blender’s documentation falls in that category.

You may search for
Neal Hirsig Blender Tutorial … to see a rather high quality consistent set of beginner videos.
Of course you can search the web or that other [well known] video website for Blender or Blender Foundation.
Many Books in print are already old especially if you use Blender 2.5 Beta.
Blender written documentation as of today 02/23/2011 is viewed by many people as of modest quality and Blender Foundation ( states at their website they are currently trying to improve documentation.

Low attention span + anything = failure. No offense.Resolve to fix that, and life will get easier.

Low attention span for making a game = even bigger failure, I would assume, since making games requires a lot of patience, and experimenting with different methods, stuff like that. No offense here either though.
And like bezier_slinger said, the best place for learning Blender (particularly 2.5) is the internet, cause a lot of stuff is outdated.

Yes i want to do open world, one thing i refuse beyond all else to try and do is turn based cause i dont like it cause its not like “real fighting” I want people to think when they fight. i mean if you were in a fight would you wait for your opponent to attack, run or defend? Hellz nah you would go up and kick its butt or it kick your butt. Open world ftw :smiley:

Low attention span + Blender might not be so bad… Get bored modeling? Rig something… Get bored rigging? Texture something. Get bored with that? Implement a game feature with logic bricks (movement is a good place to start ;)). Not ready to go back to modeling yet? Learn Python. Bored with Python? Read some technical documents that will help you light your scenes more effectively or design your levels better.

Then there is the Great Beast of games… AI. If you’re serious about making a complete game yourself, you should start reading up on this subject early. Pathfinding, state systems, decision branching… This is not something you want to tackle all at once unless you really like staring at a screen full of strange looking words trying to figure out why it doesn’t do what you want it to.

Little offense to that lol, actually for me having a low attention span is a good thing. The best way to say it is low attention span cause thats what it seems like on the outside. But from me its something else. Hard to explain like super block everything else that has nothing to do with what i want focus. or something like that, again hard to explain.

I dont mind looking at a strange group of words and stuff that makes no sense cause then i gets pissed off and find out what they mean!!! Like uncle from Jackie chan said " we must do reeeeeesearch" is a good place to start learning about pathfinding.

Edit: Pathfinding can be scripted for Blender’s game engine using Python. :wink:

Edit 2: I’d like to have a go at answering question 3…

  1. Is Blender really hard to learn?

Easy to begin learning, difficult to master.

The caveat is that the difficulty to master Blender is because the limits are pretty much whatever you want to place on it. Writing GLSL shaders, researching optimal topology for animations and game performance, efficient AI algorithms, lifelike animations, realistic or artistically pleasing textures.

Basically, the difficult stuff is the stuff that is not Blender specific, but will be of benefit no matter what tools you choose to use. Blender is a great arena in which to learn skills. You should get a grasp of the program fairly quickly, but the skills will take years (decades?) to learn.

Going to start learning now lol, first off. WHATS PYTHON!!!

Python is a non-compiling scripting language. It’s used for many things, but more to the point, it’s what you can use to expand Blender. Blender is called “extensible” for that reason. Simply put, you can write a simple python script to use the mouse in game. You can script almost anything. That said, I couldn’t write a script to say “Hello World” in python for $.

So Blender is what you use to build. and Python is what you use to move?

Python is a scripting language (think programming…). Programming (or scripting) is necessary for all but the simplest games.

But don’t fear! Python is thought by many to be the most friendly and powerful scripting language, and is very closely supported by Blender. If Python was taken out of Blender, Blender would be unusable even though most users never even see Python in operation behind the scenes. Python provides an intuitive and easy-to-access programming interface for Blender’s underlying C code and bge’s (Blender Game Engine’s) underlying C++ code.

A nice place to start might be searching the forum for a “mouselook” script. This will enable you to use the mouse to rotate the camera in your games and is only possible in Blender by using a Python script. This is essential for fps games, but is common in third person games too.

But!.. Don’t jump straight into Python. Learn a bit about what Blender is capable of by using the interface. Learn what bge is capable of by using logic bricks. When you understand what is possible and get comfortable with the user interface and logic flow, you can then move on to scripting automated tasks in Blender and making your games work exactly how you want them to work by scripts instead of logic bricks.

The only limitation is processing power, and “optimisation” is a skill that you will soon need to develop when making realtime projects such as games.

As a last note… bge has a reputation for being a slow game engine, but you need to make a seriously ambitious game before the limitations become apparent. The limitations of bge are actually a good thing for learning imo, since you will come to understand the importance of optimisation and the techniques that are used so squeeze every single frame per second from your cpu/gpu.

Have fun. :slight_smile:

Edit: @3dmedieval:

print("Hello world!")

That simple. :wink:

i dont think blender is a hard program to learn.

Not because the software it self is easy to use… but because the comunity and the great tutorials and training videos there are on the net.

I´ve actually bought Lynda Blender Training Series and Creature Factory and Venoms Lab… took me arround one week to check them all out, taking notes, and usind the program in the way and now i can get really good results with my meshes, and can use the program freely, and when i want to do something i dont know i just google it and instantly learn it.

The lerning expreience in blender is really easy because of their comunity.

But i strongly do not recommend that your fist blender experience is trying to create a game.

So in the end i need to learn Blender and Python?

FunkyWyrm - I have learned all I know of python from you, wise master! Ha! It’s on my to do list…I’m a humble modeler/texturer, but I can program in HTML and CSS (no dreamweaver, just notepad, old school), so I could learn python.

You don’t “need” to learn python - you can specialize, like I do. But it’s like anything else - the more you know, the less dependent on others you’ll be. I can’t make a game alone because I don’t know python. I can use scripts others have made, and rig them into my “game”, but at best I can do a walk-through. I need others to help with scripting. If I knew python, I could make a game by myself.