New to blender

Hi i use 3ds max and maya but i have seen some god work with blender. so i thought i give it a go. is it as good as 3ds max and maya or better?

and the other thing on the main resources page it says about available resources are these already in blender or are they add ons i can add after i downloaded it


sorry new to it.

It’s better in some areas, worse in others, so it kind of depends on what you’re doing which is better or not.

Blender comes bundled with several add-ons and then others you may need to download and install separately. You can manage them in the User Preferences -> Addon tab. Just check the box to turn one on, or if you need to install one click the install button.

Here are some Tutorial sites to help you get up to speed:


where do i download them from?

If you use both Max and Maya, you should know it’s hard to define and compare some overall quality level of 3d software.
If you say something about the work you want to do, and how you perceive the strenghts and weaknesses when comparing Maya and Max, it would be a bit easier to answer.

There are built-in addons that can be activated in any Blender download.
There are addons you need to download and activate separately.
There are special versions of Blender that have certain extra features built-in or left out.

The extra addons are mostly found on the webpages of the developers. The “special versions” of Blender can mostly be found on

But for most purposes, you can stick to the official version linked on the main page.

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