New To Blender

Hi everyone, my name is written so i’m assuming ou read it. i have spent a year prgramming dos programs in cpp and a fair amount of time writing algorithms psuedo-code and plotting uml diagrams.

a friend of mine introduced me to a number of libraries for graphics such as openGL and DirectX but they are all too tedios for a beginner so he told me that blender has an easier interface todeal with…

so i’ve been tinkering with the blender she gave me (version 2.62 I understand there are later versions) now i was learning the API.

i am totally new to everything here so all i ask is a list of refences and some pdf’s that might help me become a better game developer.

I want to be able to join teams and help out with AI and other aspects of programming…

thank you for your time

Welcome to the forums XN!TRO X

So are you interested in becoming a game coder, or an all-round game developer?
Actually, they’re not that different, as the skills are pretty much the same.

So first of you need to learn to do lo-poly models
Then you need to learn how to texture them
And finally you need to learn how to assemble them into a game.

These don’t have to be done in that order through.

About the BGE:
There are two main methods of ‘programming’ the bge. They are using logic bricks (a graphical interface) or using python code. For anything other than simple games, using python is a lot easier, and generally considered better.
There are several ways to learn python, you can look at tutorials, read the documentation or you can reverse-engineer existing scripts until you understand how they work.
BGE is a proper game engine, it requires a lot of work to make a decent game, if you’re looking for what we now consider a ‘normal’ game, it will take you around a year if you work only in your free-time.

Useful links:
tutorialsforblender3dCovers just about everything. Some is for old versions of blender, so buttons may be in different places.
Blender API The API covers all the different python functions you can use in the BGE. Be aware some modules (like bpy) cannot be run in real-time.
katsbits Tutorials on lo-poly modelling and texturing.

I’m sure others can spout more links at you, but if you have any problems, then just post it on these forums.

Sdgeoff thanks for this material, I’m deciding to start this journey today

Go to the link