New to Blender

Dear All,

I am temporarily working as a land surveyor and I am looking at experimenting with blender. What I hope to accomplish is the production of 3D models, this i think will be relatively simple when compared to my other goal which is to generate 2D ‘line drawings’, elevations, of the buildings that we scan.
Does anyone know if this has been tried before as I don’t seem to be able to find any relevant information.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Budo,

welcome to Blender. :smiley:

Can you describe your project or goals in more detail with examples
what a final product would be?

What do you mean about scanning a building? Do you want to recreate a real
terrain based on satellite data?

Right, So at my disposal is one of these.

Once it has been used it creates a .bin file.
After processing you could end up with one of a few file types.
Below is an example of a final product. Normally all that we do is trace the point cloud. But this is really time consuming. I was hoping that using blender I could write a routine that would do it for me.

The ideal scenario is that a wire frame is created around the data so that I can take slices to create images like the one above.