New to blender

Hi. I’m new to blender, and video editing in general. I’m trying to add a blur effect to a video, and make it look like a cartoon. Any tips on how to go about doing so? Also, where would I find the blur effect in blender, and does blender have an edge find option?


There are two “modules” of blender that are capable of movie editing/enhancing:

  • the video sequence editor (VSE)
  • the node editor in compositing mode

The VSE is used for the actual editing (adding & cutting clips and sounds, creating transitions between the shots, adding titles)
The VSE looks like the most video editors do (stripes). There are many tutorials aviable, just start googling

The node editor is used for the more advanced stuff: post processing and compositing. Here you can add, for example, blur to your video. I suggest you watching this tutorial: which gives a great overview.

To simply add blur to your video, go to the compositor (node editor), add the video as an input/movie clip, connect it to the output. Then add and drag a filter/blur node inbetween. By adjusting the X / Y values you can adjust the strength of the blurredness.

I am not shure if there is an edge find node or something similar, at least I have not heard about it…



Thank you for the help :slight_smile: The video was very helpful. Any tips on creating a cartoon/animated effect in a video?