New to Blender

Hi everyone!! I’m new on the Blender website, my first time on it actually. This website was recommended by a fellow co-worker of mine and I have a huge respect for the projects everyone creates on here. Some I didn’t even think were possible. I am currently in pre-production for a student film that my friends and I are working on and it calls for some extensive work. My question is- is it possible to build a 3D realistic historical fort (inside and out) and put my actors on a green screen and intertwine the two to make it look like they are really there. Most of the movie takes place either inside or right outside the fort. I noticed a couple of tutorials on youtube but not quite sure where to start with this project. I am willing to put in the work to make the fort if someone could just guide me in the right direction. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much and looking forward to delving deeper into Blender!!!


You should be fine. Modeling the fort is no problem. You can 3D track in Blender. You can even composite the footage in Blender, but it would be better to get the Free version of Blackmagic Fusion or Natron for compositing.

So use Blender for 3D modeling, UV and 3D tracking.
Use Gimp/Krita for texture editing.
Use free version of Fusion or Natron for compositing.
Use free version of Davinci Resolve for Video editing.

I think you have all you need, just a few good men to throw into a dungeon. Good luck.

you dont need to build a highly detailed model of the entire fort complete with interior rooms and such. think of it like a traditional movie, using sets. so build the exterior fort for the outside shots and use seperate files for the interior room sets and have a file with all your assets like tables and chairs and barrels end stuff that you would need to dress the set, which you can append into the scene as needed. this way you can use the set appropriate to the scene and dress it accordingly without having a massive file of hugly detailed stuff that is never going to be seen in most shots.