New to coding

I am new to coding python but had an idea based on Autodesk Vault. to create reports intigratable into a PP or DOCX, so i am building the script and am just realizing, im not sure if blender can even accept my code. so several questions…

  1. can i use IronPython inside of VS to build a blender script wizard
    What kind of Aplication inside of it do i need, console, or windows form, or somthing else, feel free to tell me

                                                  can i do it in eclipse?
                                                                                  good, i already have it configured for python, now can some one tell me what to make somthing that can be made into a script wizard.
                                                                    Great, Leave a comment :)
                                                                                              Forget it, TY anyways

If you’re trying to create a UI for your script then you’ll have to use the elements available in the api, I don’t think there’s a way to use another type of form for this purpose.

I know blender doesn’t make the best IDE but it works for most of the blender/python stuff I do. Is your code such that you can just try copying it into the blender text editor and run it? If it doesn’t rely on any modules and is python3 it should work.

Can you tell a little more about the goal of your script? might be able to help more.

im not sure what u mean by accomplish with the code. the program however will be a wizard, to see what i meen, in blender, to to scripts, and on the task bar, scripts again, and go to wizards, i want to make a wizard, that will A, render a picture in RGBA, B have a form that you will fill out, consisting of, What the piece is, From or for, description, reasons for use, milestones, and author. the user fills this out, and it makes it into a .baf (blender authors form), that can be easily accessed using add ins to a docx or ppt or .pub to make reports for presentations or demonstrations or use in a schooling environment. and soon i will add an image of what i expect the wizard to look like. to be honest though, i wish there where more tutorials on coding for python.

He talks about doing this inside Blender Python , you are talking about taking this outside blender python to ironpython and VS.

In short ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Teldredge is incorect that only the Blender GUI is available to you. Python inside blender is used for scritping blender , but and this is extremely important, Python is not only a scripting language but also a PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE.

What that means ?

It means that not only you have access to blender python api but also ALL other python libraries. For example wxpython, pyqt, pygtk etc. Of course all those third party libraries will need to be installed seperately inside the blender python directory .

Can I use Winforms .NET diurectly ?

No. The python version , that blender uses is called CPYTHON , its called CPython because its made to interface and expanded with the C language , as such its incompatible with .NET framerwork. Ironpython on the other hand is compatible with the .NET framework but that makes it incompatibe with Cpython.

Can I use Winforms .NET indirectly ?

Yes, You can trigger both intepreters at the same time, ironpython and cpython that blender uses and make the 2 intepreters talk to each other. There are several tools for this, I think execnet is the best option.

Can I make my Wizards from inside Blender Python ?

Yes . As I said before yes you have 2 options. 1) use Blender’s GUI via blender python api 2 ) use a third party library gui like wxpython.

do you know of any similar programs to VS or Eclipse, preferably one with intellisence? somthing that is slightly more visual by chance. i want to do more drag n drop, then code as aposed to code, and then see if it Fd it all up. any recomondation of things i might want to try?

Doing python visually is generally not a good idea. IDEs have been invented to take away the complexity of programming languages even on languages that seem simple like Visual Basic. Thats great and useful.

Python is diffirent however, its a true simple language. In python you dont write something unless its absolute necessarily, and because of that using a GUI to generate code wont make you life easier or better. I have been suprised so far with the speed of python, its just phenomenal, it allow you to generate useful code in matter of minutes something that other languages cannot do.

Python libaries give the final blow by being even simpler, for example making a simple window on wxpython with some button on it is completely straightforward, a gui wont help you there. A gui would help you placing and sizing your controls easier but after you are used to gui programming that will seem unecessary too.

Generally speaking i tend to advice moving away from drag and drop approaches and guis because on the other side the flexibility and power is just extremely more. Take a look at vim and ipython, their complexities will make your head explode, but the more you code the more you reach for them and more you abandon drag n drop approaches. The reason is obvious, IDEs and guis rarely allows you for flexibility and power (like vim and ipython do) and python is already an extremely easy language , power and flexibility will become quickly your first concert. Vim alone has a gazillion of useful extension, its impossible to beat even by VS. Ipython makes python interpreter run on steroids, giving access to all sort of useful information and documentation.

Even python intepreter is so powerful like nothing you used before.

Bare in mind i used to be THE DRAG N DROP GUY. DELPHI was my HOLY GRAIL. In case you did not know the guy behind delphi is the guy who created .net and VS has stolen loads most if not all its ideas from DELPHI. But with python, programming has become so easy, i find myself needing an ide less and less. That explains why ides are not such a big deal for python.

Also getting fully exposed to coding, will benefit you greatly. The more you learn the language and its libraries the easier coding will become. Its not hard, its not time consuming and it worths it 1000%. If you let yourself be lazy you will miss a great opportunity to learn to make code that is useful and easier to manage. Its a mistake that will cost you alot more than just time and effort.

Here are videos demonstrating a tiny fraction of the massive power of iPython

for vim you will find a gazillion video tutorials on youtube.