New to Cycles - Help with noise

Hello guys,

I’m a begginner on Blender and I recently started using Cycles instead of Internal on my projects; so I have some questions for you. It’s also the first time ever I use textures so feel free to criticize.

  • My scene looks so noisy and it’s rendered with 1000 samples. What can I do to improve it? Is it denoiser the only way to do it or are other ways?

  • I found a mirror material setup on Internet but it doesn’t suit my scene as I’d like. How do you get it? In Blender Internal is far easier.
    Other material I have some problems with it’s the plastic (in this case for the mirror border). How do you get it?

The scene it’s not finished. I’m planning on adding some towels, a carpet and the water taps. Any other suggestion is welcome!

Thanks for reading!

First of all, You need to improve the lighting. try adding an hdri and a window for better presentation…
For the noise, follow this link :
And you should also try Blender 2.8 eevee renderer it taks a few seconds to render the scene with amazing effects