New to freelancing and need help!!!

Hi I am a fairly low key blender artist, but I do have a few videos on youtube and a DJ in Scotland noticed them and wondered if I could do a title intro for him.

Doing this for free has lead to one of his followers asking if I could do an intro for them and they would be willing to pay me for my work.

I have never done work like this before, and was wondering what would be an expectable rate to charge? Do I base it on the time it takes, or effort required, or what? I will ask them for their requirements so that I know what it is that they want, but I will obviously need to produce a fee or rate before I start work.

Also what would be an acceptable way of transferring the video and receiving payment. I know an element of trust is needed, but you can’t tell on the web who’s who and whether they are genuine or not.

Any freelancers out there willing to share please do so, you’re help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Tom

Well, there are a lot of nuances to freelancing. Some food for thought: some artists ask for half down (non refundable) before they start, or at least when the idea is finalized, and the other half when finished. A better way would be a third down first, the next third when the idea is finalized, and the last third when it is completed. These payments are non-refundable, make this clear!
What to charge is always a gray area until you get more experienced.
I would give them a hard copy- cd and or dvd of the video, in the formats they require of course.

There are resources like the Graphic Designer’s Guild Handbook here in the US, check around for a UK version. If you are serious about it a good legal/pricing guideline is a smart thing to have.

Try to establish a concrete goal with them first, and let them know extra stuff added later on could mean more $$$. If you are new, it’s at your discretion to be more lenient on these issues, after all the best way to learn is the hard way! :wink:

Estimate the hours it will take, tell them $25 to $50 an hour and then keep track of your hours!

I think that 1 hour per second of animation, is a nice starting point for your estimate. Never expect it to take less than that, it will always take more! Think modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animating and rendering, then estimate times for each part. Show them the progress of each stage, then let them decide whether you spend more time on it.

wow thanks guys this helps loads :smiley: you’ve really helped, much appreciated :slight_smile: